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Custom-Made Stations of the Cross
by DuMéy Studios

Ornate Renaissance frame with hand-painted plaster insert

DuMéy Studios by Statues Plus offers custom-made religious items including statuary (Catholic saints, pietas, crucifixes) & Stations of the Cross —from chapel to cathedral size.

Contemporary or vintage, baroque, gothic, renaissance & more, we can create the perfect style for your church or cathedral. You choose your frame style & finish and your inserts (bas-relief, paintings, etc.) —and we turn your choices into your ideal Stations of the Cross.

Can't find what you need? Wrong style or size? –No Problem, we'll create it for you!
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3 dimensional station in bronze finish
3 dimensional station in polychrome finish

Three-Dimensional Stations of the Cross

These gorgeous Stations are available in a variety of finishes (bronze, stone, white, polychrome), including custom color-matching to coordinate with your church's decor and statuary. Wall-mounted bases can be ordered in matching finishes for these Stations.

Please see our catalog for size options and pricing.

Station of the Cross, wood framed canvas example

New! Beautiful Canvas Inserts with Custom Framing Choices

Reproduced from original oil paintings on premium quality canvas, these inserts are ready to frame in sizes ranging from 6 x 8 inches up to 21 x 27 inches.

There are also other options you can add to these beautiful Station frames such as roman numerals and the description of each station. For example: "Jesus falls for the first time" or "Jesus expires on the cross". We also have custom-made wooden crosses that can be mounted above the station.

Please see our catalog for sizes, frame examples and pricing.

About Our Custom Stations of the Cross

We have a great selection of custom-made (vintage & contemporary style) frames to choose from, as well as an assortment of ready-made frames.

We also manufacture frames to order in plaster, fiberglass or wood. The outer frames are created separately from the Station inserts, so you get to choose your insert type or style (plaster-cast bas-relief, painting on canvas, etc.) as well.

Custom Station frames can be finished (painted, stained, gold-leafed, etc.) to coordinate with your church or cathedral's style.

Stations of the Cross are available from chapel-sized sets up to grand cathedral-sized pieces, and we can also create Stations for exterior installations.

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